Studio-based product shoots

Over the last few months, we’ve made various changes to how we work, as have many other businesses. We’ve been kept busy helping our clients to create effective, remote content, to create and adapt their marketing strategies and to create effective, engaging virtual events ranging from webinars to quiz nights, team updates, safety announcements, and music gigs.

Normally we do a lot of location based shoots and we also use our custom built multi-purpose film, video and photography studio in Glasgow for filming livestreams and podcasts.

Currently we’re also seeing a rise in requests for studio-based product shoots.

Studio shoot set up 2.0

This is a great way to showcase your products whilst maintaining social distancing, avoiding unnecessary travel, reducing costs and ensuring safety for everyone involved.

Many products can be shot in the studio and there are a wide range of advantages for why you might choose a studio shoot. Here are just a few:

A controlled environment

One key reason is total control. A studio- based shoot is done safely, with only the necessary team involved, in a totally controlled and sanitised environment.

There’s no concerns around typical issues and disturbances that can arise on location based shoots, such as weather conditions, transport arrangements, background noise, varying light conditions, filming and photography regulations and venue and people availability.

Shoot set up

Because the environment is so controlled, it means more time can be focused on showcasing the product rather than dealing with external elements. Our studio has all the camera and lighting and other equipment needed including green and white screen facilities, all on site. So there’s no additional costs of equipment and location finding and hire and the studio shoot is quick, focused and cost effective.

Using greenscreen or other backdrops you still have a choice of backdrop, textures, colours and even virtual scenery and location backgrounds to showcase your product against. We can also create purpose-built bespoke sets for your products. If sound is included it’s easier to record in the studio where there’s full environmental control. We can even include special effects and whole new worlds if appropriate.

With a studio-based shoot we have full control over lighting including tone, shadow and mood and can create a variety of looks and moods.

Save time and costs and make planning easier

A studio- based shoot also means no need for expensive or time heavy travel and all the associated costs including accommodation, equipment, product and people transport, meals and other costs normally incurred on location shoots. Plus you can readily plan and schedule in your shoot based on studio availability rather than needing to co-ordinate venue, transport, accommodation and team.

Other advantages of a studio product shoot include privacy – there’s total control over who’s involved and on set plus your product and all equipment and set up is totally secure. Here are a few suggestions for getting the best out of your studio based product shoot.

Think about your product

Really know and think about the features of your product that you want to showcase. It might not just be external features. Think about what you want to communicate to your audience – features, values, even textures and feel.

Whisky product shoot

Create the mood

It can be useful to create a mood board to help develop a visual reference to inform the shoot, lighting requirements, background etc

Storyboards and shot lists

Just as we create storyboards and shot lists for filming it can also be very useful to storyboard the shoot sequence and agree a shot list for studio shoots, particularly when you want or need a series of shots. This is something we always plan for and agree in advance with the client to ensure their requirements are met. It doesn’t mean we won’t look out for other great opportunities and ideas but it also ensures for everyone that nothing key is missed.

Whisky in studio product shoot

For some products it works really well to plan a story about the product – perhaps with a series of shots from pristine brand new product to how it looks after it’s been used for the purpose it’s designed for. Eg it could be as simple as an unopened branded box, an open box showing brand new trekking boots and another shot of muddied well worn and loved boots. The idea is to tell the story of your product – what it is, who would want it, what it’s purpose it and what context it’s used in and how it will make the buyer/user feel – and help shape what you want to communicate about it through the shoot.

Set requirements

A set provides context for your product and can add an extra dimension. It can be something very simple such as a coloured or plain backdrop, perhaps a piece of greenscreen magic, a whole or part room setup or just a simple piece of fabric. It’s not just about the set, it’s also about the grip or how you support and display the product. It’s worth thinking through your requirements for this and ensuring the studio has or can get the necessary items such as pins, tape, glue etc which any good studio would usually have.

Seeing the light

Lighting is of course a key part of great product shoots. In a studio environment where lighting is so highly controlled, the right lighting can really help showcase the different aspects and feel of your product. Also important is the angle and perspective used and in the studio we use stands and gantries to create the right shot. Whether it’s an overhead or close up shot or high definition detail, can really make a difference and give you the chance to create something with real impact.

Studio shoot 1.0

Pre and post production strategies, marketing and distribution

We work closely with our clients to develop their marketing and digital strategies around showcasing their events, services and in this example, products.

As well as having a clear strategy for what you want out of your studio shoot, it’s also important to know how and across which platforms you plan to market and share the results of your shoot, something which we also work together with our clients on ensuring effective and timely distribution.

As in filming, so with product shoots, post-production edits, details and flawless finishing matters. We have a full post-production edit suite based in our studio which means our team can quickly and efficiently work on post production and get it quickly across to our clients for approval and distribution.

To find out more about our studio and using studio shoots to showcase your products, simply Contact Us and we’ll be happy to discuss.


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Arts & entertainment go virtual – how Sonnet Youth successfully moved from live venue-based events to live streaming shows

Sonnet Youth is a great example of a business who’ve quickly and cleverly adapted to the challenges of Covid19 by moving online, introducing changes to their business model and successfully introducing new services.

Co-founded almost 5 years ago by award-winning spoken word artists Cat Hepburn (List Hot 100, BBC6 Music, Edinburgh Fringe) and Kevin P Gilday (BBC6 Music, Toronto Fringe, Glastonbury), Sonnet Youth is an exciting, very cool, spoken word theatre and cabaret organisation based in Glasgow.

Sonnet Youth live show

They curate live performances and events, introducing audiences to an exciting and eclectic host of spoken word performers, authors, comedians, poets and musicians.

In addition to their monthly spoken word cabaret nights, they’ve curated performances for numerous festivals and events (Hidden Door, Belladrum, Pride). In 2018, they directed and produced the UK tour of Victoria McNulty’s solo spoken word Confessionals. In 2019 they took two successful spoken word theatre shows to the Fringe and from 2019 – early 2020 they produced the Scottish-wide tour of a spoken word theatre show, Thick Skin, Elastic Heart by Drew Taylor-Wilson.

Pre-lockdown, Sonnet Youth were producing and hosting a minimum of three monthly live gigs across Scotland with their partner venues including the Gilded Balloon (Edinburgh), The Old Hairdresser’s (Glasgow) and Creative Stirling.

Sonnet Youth live gig

Their usual business model is based on physical, venue-based live events. When it became clear that producing live venue shows to audience gatherings was no longer an option with restrictions in force, Sonnet Youth quickly came up with a plan to keep connecting with their audience, to introduce new digital services and innovations and to ensure the business stayed sustainable, turning a challenge into an opportunity.

They teamed up with Glasgow based live streaming specialists BlueStar Streaming to enable them to move their shows and performances online.

Sonnet Youth Social Club online

They created Sonnet Youth Social Club – a new online strand of the business, using livestreaming to bring performances into viewers homes.

Sonnet Youth Social Club is a fortnightly show on Facebook Premier Live, every second Thursday at 8:05pm. Produced by BlueStar Streaming, it is pre-recorded and features four artists (comedians, rappers, poets, musicians) with hosts Cat and Kevin.

Sonnet Youth Social Club #2

The online shows are free streamed and operate on a ‘pay what you feel basis’ – with 50% of donations allocated for operational costs and 50% donated to a different selected local partner charity each week.

After just over 6 weeks of moving their shows online, the stats are looking good and growing weekly.

  • Average audience figures: 960 people tuning into each show
  • Just under 6000 viewers in the last six weeks
  • 19K minutes viewed in the last 70 days

The audience is 57% women, 39% men, the majority between the ages of 25 – 44. Most viewers are in the UK with fans also in Ireland, the U.S.A, Canada, France, Denmark, Australia, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Feedback from audiences and performers has been extremely positive.

Just over 2 weeks ago, in early June, they also launched the new Sonnet Youth Podcast.

Another innovation Sonnet Youth have introduced alongside their exciting new online cabaret shows is sponsorship opportunities for brands – offering businesses exposure to thousands of viewers.

The new business model is proving sustainable and the team plan to be online for at least the next year.

Sonnet Youth Social Club online start-card8

To learn more about how Sonnet Youth have moved online, you can view their shows here

To learn more about using live streaming for your organisation contact BlueStar Streaming.



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Show Time!

We’re excited to share our latest show reel of our work. Click on the image above and take a look to see just some of the many ways we work with clients.

From documentary style story telling and tv ads to short brand pieces and live streamed events, interviews and tastings. Whether it’s showcasing a venue, activity or destination, promoting a brand or product, corporate branding, interviews and events, creating premium content or filming on site, in the studio or across multiple sites, we’ve done it.

With all our own high quality kit, a professional custom – built filming studio and editing suite in Glasgow and an experienced in – house team, we offer clients a high quality service, affordable video production, rapid turnaround – and great results.

Want to know how video marketing can help you? Take the first step and contact us!

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