Time for virtual gatherings – livestreaming solutions for conferences and events

With coronavirus causing global disruption and challenges for businesses and working practices, going virtual is a very practical option businesses can take as part of their continuity planning.

The need to postpone or cancel unnecessary travel, events, conferences, meetings and group gatherings, increased numbers of employees working remotely and self isolation means businesses need to think differently and creatively around managing current risks and minimising impact. When large scale gatherings aren’t practical or possible, live streaming is an effective alternative.

We realise it’s a challenging time for businesses right now. Using live streaming can make things easier and help businesses manage through this difficult time, working around travel and gathering restrictions whilst still connecting to their audiences.

As part of the support we can provide to our clients and other businesses we’re currently offering use of our Glasgow studio at reduced rates for live streaming.

Live streaming means you keep in contact with your audiences whether that’s employees, suppliers, partners or customers. You’ll be able to interact with your audiences – through real time comments, Q & A and feedback sessions and bringing in speakers working remotely. You’ll also be reducing travel costs and risks.

Live stream from our custom built studio in the East End of Glasgow or another suitable environment.

As a video marketing and live streaming specialist we regularly use live streaming with our clients, for a variety of purposes – including conferences, training and development, sporting events, award presentations, , virtual tastings and tours, live interviews and Q& A sessions, music gigs and concerts, arts performances, media briefings, influencer outreach, product launches, demonstrations and more. It needs careful planning, for example around objectives, audience, marketing, timing and of course technical set up but is a fantastic tool to include as part of an effective marketing strategy and right now, live streaming could well offer a lifeline for many businesses.

Have a look at the examples below of using live streaming and if you’d like to discuss how you can use it to support your brand and business, contact us.

Awards nominations, conferences and events

BAFTA regularly and very successfully use live streams for their nominations and awards events.

BAFTA Scotland livestream

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 12.04.16

Panel discussions

UWS Music Industries panel discussion with Emma Pollock, Nicola Meighan, Tamara Schlesinger and Jo Mango (as Chair) with live audience interaction.

UWS Livestream

UWS Livestream panel discussion

Whisky Tastings

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society tasting livestream – broadcast to members worldwide with live tasting and audience interaction.

SMWS Whisky Tasting

Balblair whisky tasting livestream

Balblair whisky tastings, sharing insider knowledge followed by live tasting and a short Q&A.

Caorunn Gin Cocktail Masterclass

Use live streaming for demonstrations, training, masterclasses and workshops.

Caorunn Gin Cocktail Masterclass

One to one interviews, studio and panel discussions

Our regular Jibber Jabber studio discussions, this time with musician Lavinia Blackwall.

Jibber Jabber studio discussion

Studio discussion with Dyslexia Scotland as part of the Bluestar Streaming documentary Educate Me.

Dyslexia Scotland discussion documentary

Music gigs and arts performances

BMX Bandits are just one of the bands and artists we work with to live stream their gigs, interviews and performances.

BMX Bandits live stream 1.0

BMX Bandits livestream

To use live streaming and discuss options, get in touch and we’ll be happy to arrange a skype or phone call to explore ideas.

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